Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Time Travel

I often wish I could go back in time and make a few adjustments.  of course when I think about it I really like the way things have turned out so I would only want to change the past if I could still learn the valuable lessons. 

So since that is all impossible I have another idea about time.  Maybe it's Time Management but really it's about having more free time.

When you have your own business it seems that you can work as much as you would like to.  Some entrepreneurs are work-a-holics and they go into business so they can work night and day and have it count for them.  I'm not really after that myself.  When I talk about Time Management I don't want to try to cram more stuff into my day.  I want to have lots of free time and make every minute count double for the effort I put in.

As a technology buff (nice way of saying geek) I fall into the trap of plugging into my computer at the beginning of the day.  I have my Cell Phone, my Vonage VoIP phone and Skype all at my disposal.  In addition I also have Windows Live Messenger loaded up so people can chat with me in real time and I can see my attached Hotmail messages... and of course Outlook is always open which receives (and sends) email from about 5 email accounts (and aliases) I have for business and personal uses.  So I am plugged in and am excited about the possibilities of even being more connected. 

I am realizing what that means... Lot's of Interruptions.  I may as well carry my laptop into a mall or some other busy location just to see if I can become any less productive. 

So I am working on trying to control these interruptions by setting "meeting" times during which I handle my communications.  The difficulty I face is that I can't unplug or my customers may consider me un-reachable.  I have always tried to respond back to them as quickly as I can. This is yet another opportunity to use Other People's Time (OPT). 

I don't have all the answers figured out yet but as always it's fun to get out some of the ideas.  Maybe someday I'll get some replies to these posts and I'll learn some better ways.