Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Inspiration from the Depression

A little bit ago I read a book about the Great Depression and posted about it,  I gave some reasons that I found it depressing.  Those are probably still valid but today I am finding a really cool benefit about studying that time period in our history. 

You know how if you go look at a car in the showroom all the sudden you seem to start seeing those kind of cars everywhere.  Well that's happening in this subject.  I seem to come across stories about business from the era of the Great Depression.  I have to admit that my reason for reading the book and studying the subject was that I figured some people came out of the Depression ok.  Not everybody had to suffer.  Well the stories that keep coming up are of people hurt financially during the Depression who struck out and started a new business and succeeded.  I was reading about a guy who actually started a Stock Brokerage in 1930 (1929 was the big crash).  He actually made a living doing it.

This has been exciting to me and as I look around now I don't see as much despair I see opportunities.  In fact there are likely opportunities in the very areas that are hurting the most, if history has any bearing on this situation.  It's very difficult for me to explain how excited I actually am as I look around and think... what if!  I'm not noticing the problems -- I'm seeing opportunities and that is very liberating.  Something else I wrote about before is that our thoughts become our realities and boy that means good times are ahead not bad one.  Keep your head up, notice the opportunity and get excited.