Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What can you do with twitter? Shop til you drop.

I have seen people ask questions about and the quick answer is twitter is a micro-blogging tool giving you 140 characters to write whatever you want.  But then you just kind of look around and say, so!  None-the-less twitter has become popular so you have to figure that there must be more.  In technology all great companies are not just building something cool but providing a platform on which very cool stuff can be added.  So twitter is apparently providing such a platform.

Just found out about this new service which is based on twitter and can help you find answers while shopping.  You can send a question and get answers within minutes, Techcrunch calls it a shopping 411 service.  If you can twitter mobile then you can get your info while out at the store.  If you are shopping on your computer you get it there. 

I don’t know about you but when I am shopping I have a bunch of questions, this could very well be helpful. (You can go to this site to see what they say about themselves and see some of the questions people are asking.  When I looked somebody asked “Where can I get Oaxaca Mole paste in the bay area?”  It had been asked 9 minutes before and was already answered with two locations to try.) (on twitter you can see what’s happening and follow them) (Techcruch’s posting about this new service.

Have fun shopping, and now you are not alone.

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