Thursday, March 01, 2007

A Family that loves business

I have a wonderful family.  We have a variety of backgrounds.  Not too many are entrepreneurs like me but I have a sister-in-law that has that same passion.  She and a business partner just started a new online business ( 

I wanted to write about it and let people know. 

You can read more about the business for yourself online but here is what I believe I know about it.  All too often we have somebody in our lives whether family, friend or business acquaintance and they have some sort of medical issue.  Maybe it's cancer treatment or a surgery.  So we want to try to do something for them.  Maybe we show up with flowers and then when we get to the room we see that there are 20 other bouquets in the room.  Maybe it's diabetes and a box of chocolates isn't really the right answer now is it?

Don't worry this new business is going to try to make that problem easier to deal with.  You can get gifts tailored to the concern people have.  If somebody got 3 of these they would be happy because it would be all natural products they could use far beyond their treatments.  The flowers will die and I suppose we could say, boy I sure hope you don't... but these gifts will let people know you want them to have a long healthy life to share more good times with you.

Ok so there you go check it out and just know I don't get anything for myself if this venture takes off.  Maybe my kids will get bigger Christmas Presents from their Aunt but that's about it.

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