Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I make mistakes!!!!!

This is not an apology.  I am saying this proudly. 

Today I was thinking how important this is to business-- the art of making mistakes.  No seriously.

If you are afraid of making a mistake you will probably not last very long as a business owner or starter (Entrepreneur).  Many people are in this boat.  They don't want to come across as stupid so they take one of two steps.

  1. They don't even try.
  2. They plan it down to every detail and take so long that by the time they start it doesn't really have much punch.

Do you look at a successful person and think they never made a mistake?  I do!  It's probably not true.  There are some people that seem to make every correct decision from the beginning and everything went their way.  Those people make the business journals and it is impressive.  I find myself hoping they can hold on because I am pretty sure that at some point they will make a mistake and then what do they do?  Their mistake is much more public than mine.  How embarrassing.

To be successful in business for a long term say 30 years I am pretty sure that you will come across a mistake and will have to recover from that mistake.  This is the next group of people and they also seem to do one of two things:

  1. They give up!
  2. They become frustrated and try to learn everything they can from that expensive mistake.  And if it isn't an expensive mistake it wasn't good enough. 

You have to recover from mistakes to be successful.  Today I was remembering some of my big mistakes and thinking about all the truly important lessons I learned from them.  It is crucial to keep picking yourself up and try, try again.  No it isn't easy.  It's embarrassing.  It will mess with your feelings of self-worth.  If you do it right even your friends and family will wonder if you will ever make anything of yourself.  YOU will wonder if you will ever make anything of yourself.  It makes you feel stupid to make a big mistake. 

One of the best things you learn from making a huge mistake is how to recognize a mistake earlier and take action.  You also learn what not to do next time (hopefully). 

Making mistakes is extremely important in business.  If you are really smart you will notice your mistakes early and recover from them quickly.  I hope you do, but it appears that the normal way this goes is that people make big mistakes and that's how they learn to pay more attention to small mistakes.

I Promise that I will keep making mistakes and I also promise that I will try to learn as much as I can from those mistakes.  I apologize if my mistake causes you any problems.  Know that I didn't mean to make the mistake.  I didn't set out to do it but it did happen. 

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