Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Motivation from Mixed Nuts

Many times I get fired up by reading a new book.  When I read I find my mind begins to get creative and think of new possibilities.  Last night motivation came from watching a Movie.  The movie was titled "Mixed Nuts"(1994) and the plot is described as "The events focus around a crisis hotline business on one crazy night during the Christmas holidays." 

Why did it motivate me?  I'm not exactly sure.  In the movie Steve Martin's character is having a number of business challenges.  By the end of the movie all the events come together to make some really good things happen.

So first of all I'm glad that in my business challenges I have never had the kinds of difficulties his Crisis Hotline experiences.  I haven't had the absolute level of craziness.  That's good but I haven't also had the events all wrap up so neatly either... that's too bad.

Also there is a message that sometimes when an event happens and I think it is going to turn out absolutely horrible it doesn't.  Sometimes... Often good things can come out of negative circumstances.  Some times you have to look harder than others.

This movie has been out for a while and I had watched it before.  I didn't recall it much and previously it didn't provide the motivation.  But now years later I was in the right frame of mind and open to the particular craziness that went on in the movie.  Also it was a Free Movie on my Comcast - OnDemand programming that will expire soon. 

This was a fun movie, reminded me to focus on the good things that come out of a situation and I recommend it.  More or less good for the Christmas Spirit attitude as well.

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