Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Create PDF anywhere

I have been doing some research lately and this blog will benefit from it.  Here is the first item that I am kind of excited about.

Create PDF Online (by Adobe the creators of PDF)

I have a customer that needs to be able to create PDF's they have an old version of Adobe Acrobat which is the program used to create PDF, but only have one copy.  They need more but it's kind of expensive and as I say the copy they currently have is old because they don't always have the money to keep upgrading that.  So I went searching for solutions.

I found printer drivers and they are pretty reasonable but still you pay per install.  Also I didn't recognize any of the companies that do this so that worried me. 

I then looked for being able to do it online, thinking hopefully I don't have to install anything and possibly multiple people can use it in the office.  There are a few people that offer that and Adobe is one of them.  For $99 a year that's pretty good, I thought.  I haven't yet played with it but hopefully soon and when I do I'll try to review it here.

Side Note:  If you are using Office 2007 or will use it there is a free add-in for Office 2007 that will allow you to create PDF files.  Cool huh?

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