Monday, January 22, 2007

Ounce of Prevention or a Pound of Cure

You know the old saying right?  An Ounce of Preventions is worth a pound of cure.  So since it's an old saying you would think that people would agree with it and live by it. 

I have been trying to apply this old saying to new services that I wish to provide in the area of Computer Network Administration.  Today I have become a little discouraged about that possibility.  I had a few struggles with some prevention tactics I have implemented. 

Because of this I did a little deeper searching and tried to apply the same concept to other fields beyond computers.  What I came up with isn't that encouraging.  I thought about the medical field and the automotive fields in particular.  In both cases people usually wait for the breakdown before they do anything.  Many it seems would rather get a triple-bypass heart surgery than control their diet and exercise.  That's one that got me for a long time but then I decided to do something about it.  But I am guilty of the car issue. I often wait until something starts making a sound (or stops making a sound) until I get that car into the shop. 

So for some reason even though we know the costs most of us choose to pay for the pound of cure rather than opt for the cheaper ounce. 


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