Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Be careful what you think,because your thoughts run your life.

The title of this blog is from an ancient proverb.  I'm writing about this because I keep coming across the concept in business books and after years it's beginning to sink in.

What you think becomes what you do and who you are!

The thoughts in your head are real... or at least they become real.  The bad news is it's not only good thought but also bad thoughts.

As I say, this isn't a new thing.  Business books have talked about it for a long time.  The grandfather of all inspirational business books is by an author called Napoleon Hill and it's called "Think and Grow Rich".  I have to admit I haven't read the book yet and now after reading so many of the follow-up books I realize I need to read it.

Of course the concept existed long before that.  The ancient proverb titling this post was written about 3000 years ago.

I have become convinced that it is true that you can sit around and imagine things will go wrong in your plans and eventually they will.  You can also control your mind to think that you will be successful in your plan even if adversity arises.  When a problem comes up you control what the outcome is.  You can decide that this set-back is only temporary.  You can come up with a solution or a work-around.  This is how successful people of all kinds do their work and have done for years.  This is of course a much bigger picture than money and finances, it applies to everything.  You set your goals and then you decide what to do as you work on those goals as "real life" comes along. 

The real life we live and work in is truly a battlefield in our head first.  Control your thinking and you will control your life.  What you think is reality much more so than what circumstances are happening around you.

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