Wednesday, September 10, 2008


It's political season with the election of a new U.S. President.  And of course one thing we keep hearing is "change".  The candidates promise that they will change things.  It's hard to believe them and yet they keep using that line. 

There are many phrases that we hear so often they don't seem to have any meaning any longer... and yet they are still important.  Ok so I'm not going to go on and on about politics it's just that I am campaigning myself to change my company.  For me it's pretty easy its a one and a half person company basically (my wife helps part time).  I don't really see that part changing any time soon but I do want to expand beyond what I can do myself.   I have written before about these plans and you know what.  No matter how much I want to do something it is still difficult to change a small company like mine.  (It doesn't give me much hope that a politician will change the whole country.) 

So I'm out campaigning for change again and trying desperately to make it happen.  The key this time is that I'm forcing myself to think and work differently.  I won't get into too many specifics but basically I've chained myself to the desk (or computer) and I'm forcing myself to find other ways to get things done.  I'm thinking more like all businesses.  Take a doctor for example.  Used to be they made house calls.  If you got sick they would come over and take a look.  They don't do that any more, and why???   Well because it's not very cost effective.  You have to come to their office now.  And if it's a real emergency they send over an ambulance to pick you up.  They outsourced that service and do it better really.  The ambulance can drive at top speeds to get to you with lights flashing.  They have tons of equipment and they can bring you in if they need to.  They even have a bed in the back for you.  By everyone focusing on their strengths the response available in an emergency today is amazing.  The little country doctor could hardly conceive of a service the way it is.  So now you could tell me there are all kinds of problems in the field of health care but can you really imagine us going back to the doctor who makes office visits.  I'm sure they still exist and are extremely well paid. at that. 

Things change and so must I.  That's what I'm looking at and it still isn't easy but like I say it's necessary.  It seems like nobody wants me to change and I even fight it but it must happen no matter what.  That's exciting.  Hopefully somebody will still vote for me.

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