Thursday, November 09, 2006

Carry a VoIP phone in your pocket

This phone is something.  I haven't used it yet mostly because I can't yet find a good justification to get one.  This is pretty cool though.  I have used Vonage for well over a year now.  I have 2 phone lines from them and I use a number of virtual phone numbers which allow me local numbers in Oregon and New Mexico as well as Washington where I live.  I have loved the service.  It sounds good and the additional features are really cool.  We get voicemail in our email I can make changes online to the service and the phone rings simultaneously on my cellphone.  What could be better?  Well if I could carry it in my pocket and plug in to any computer connected to high-speed Internet, that's what.  This little baby has all the features of my Vonage phone and I can also store other files on the flas drive portion of this device.  This thing is cool.  So let's see what can I do to justify it?  I'll come up with something.

 Added Later:  I had provided a link to Amazon with information about the V-Phone by Vonage but the graphic changed and I looked and can't find it on their site any more.  Maybe they sold out or discontinued. Any way I'm leaving it here to see if it comes back at some point???  Of course you can also click on this link and search for it yourself.  Sorry about that.


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