Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Zune - will it sell? Society is the Key

The Zune was released yesterday Nov. 14 Wow.  I have read a number of things about the excitement around this device.  Of course a number of people don't seem to give it much chance of overtaking iPod.  Probably true!  At least not for a while.  So is Microsoft stupid to get into this market?  It's a huge market and with their power they can easily become number 2 in the field and that will mean a lot of money. 

Past that is there anything cool about this device?  The biggest one I can think of is the one they seem to be playing up themselves but others don't just seem to yawn at the thought.  The ability to share.  Big Deal?  Well, Microsoft introduces the concept with one simple word on the Zune site "Social".  That's it, that's why My Space and YouTube are such big hits.  The ability to socialize is powerful especially among teens.  And let's face it that the real market here isn't it?  If teens can walk into a room and identify the other devices, potentially see what others are listening to and share songs and pictures with each other you can't tell me that won't be powerful.  Love letters can be passed as a video clip from one person to another.  A prank can be pulled by sending an audio file to everyone in the room.  A guy can ask his girl to the prom by creating his own music video and beaming it over.  Like I say you can't tell me that won't be huge.

And let's talk about marketing.  So you are a band trying to get started.  You walk into a concert beam your music video to every Zune in the room and then enjoy the concert.  Same deal if you are selling Pepsi Cola.  Wow.  So teens could flip for it and Marketing companies could exploit it and...

Is there more?  You bet it has WiFi 802.11(b/g) which means the sky is the limit for what you want to do with them in the future. 

I predict iPod's are a little worried even though they are in a pretty cool lead.  Go ahead buy one today and catch the wave.  I'll be considering it.  Tell me I'm wrong.

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