Friday, November 03, 2006

Good Customer Visit

I sure got to have fun today.  It's always a pleasure to work with the customer I visited today.  Rick Neumann of J. Scott Construction.  (Website)  The time usually goes pretty well while I am there and we have a good time.  Rick is one of my favorite customers because even though he is SUPER busy running the construction company in which they build houses and commercial properties he takes the time to not only talk to me and find out what I think about things but he takes the time to try to learn about technology.

He has a real passion for computers and the networking.  You can also tell he has a passion for a lot of things and maybe even life itself.  Rick really seems to appreciate what I do for J. Scott and I have always believed that is because he knows more than the average customer about the technology.  He understands more specifically what it takes to fix a problem and therefore appreciates the solution.  Of course also because he invests some time to learn about the technology he also save me time by directing me specifically to the problem. By understanding and defining the problem not only does he save me time but he saves himself money.  Now of course maybe somebody like him shouldn't be spending time on tech stuff because he has a construction company to run, but you can't do much about your passions can you?

I became acquainted with J. Scott Construction and Rick because of Lona Hyatt.  Lona worked previously for another customer and then moved to become the CFO at J. Scott.  They developed a need for a network guy and as Lona and I had a great working relation previously she recommended me.  Lona was another great person to work with on the computers but of course at J. Scott she has Rick to do things and I often work with him.

It was a great day at a great customer and that is ALL because of great people.  Isn't every great experience in life?  It's not the place, or the stuff, or the's the people.

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